Telecoms Mast

Published: 03 August 2022

Fenland District Council have granted planning permission to Install a base station consisting of a 20m (approximately) monopole supporting 6No. antenna, 2No. 300mm diameter dishes and 1No. cabinet together with ancillary development.

This decision will enable mobile phone users to enjoy a strong signal leading to a good 4G and future 5G signal.

This approval has been welcomed by Manea Parish Council, who have been working with the developer and FDC officers to ensure a successful application.

A spokesman for Manea Parish Council said “We wholeheartedly welcome this decision, Manea and the surrounding areas will no longer be a no signal black spot, this will bring confidence to business, farmers and householders”

An installation date is yet to be announced

Further information from Councillor Ben Bonos (