Welcome to Manea Parish Council Website

Manea is a fast expanding rural Fenland village between Chatteris and March off the B1093. Peterborough and Cambridge are only some 30 miles equal distance from the village. Huntingdon can be reached in just over 30 minutes. There is a convenient railway station with currently twenty stops a day.

Manea was once a mainly agricultural area, but with the expansion and new housing many of our new residents now work in neighbouring towns or commute to London from Huntingdon or Ely.

The first Parish Council met on 3rd January 1895 in the local schoolroom. The Parish Council has an open forum of 15 minutes duration at the beginning of each meeting.

The Parish Council celebrated its 100 years anniversary in 1995 with an Exhibition in the Village Hall. The Council meets monthly, on Mondays at 7.00pm, usually in the Village Hall. The annual Parish Assembly is usually held in the month of April each year and members of the public are invited to attend to engage with the Parish Council.

Parish Council events are advertised on the notice board outside the primary school.

manea village sign